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Finance and Banking

Things get more and more regulated and complex in finance. Bring RPA to release time and money for more creativity and service excellence.

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RINKT SOLUTION - Finance And Banking

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Banking businesses today face growing demands to keep their service as lean as possible
whilst offering excellent consumer know-how at the lowest expense. RPA enables large banks
to achieve these objectives and stay competitive in a volatile world that is constantly evolving.

Streamlining business processes

The RPA technology positively impacts banks allowing for improvements in customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs), operational agility, reduced processing time, enhanced customer experience and increased regulatory compliance.

Reducing operational costs

In a market where acquiring customers requires a lot of effort, RPA assists in cost savings. In a research, the technology typically drives nearly 25-50 percent of savings, while enhancing the output metrics of applied functions.

Optimizing financial key indicators

Increased employee productivity, increased customer loyalty, better compliance, flexibility and scalability are some qualitative advantages of RPA adoption translates in better financial indicators.

Ready for your industry

Rinkt Robots in your service will bring

Automate control and monitoring

Rinkt robots take over repetitive, high-volume processes where speed, capacity, and accuracy are important. Whether is lending, servicing or post disbursing operations or other.

Reduce risk exposure

Our robots can acces external databases, public info and multiple sources to gather and organize data and through sound analytics can find risks.

Faster execution and less errors in all processes

No matter the area KYC,Compliance, Mortgage loans, Credit card processing, Fraud detection and more, robots will streamlined a wide variety of processes making time-consuming banking operations more organized and automated

Step into the future of profitable efficiency.

Let our robots “shrink” any of your repetitive processes just to make it faster, less expensive and accurate.

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