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Protecting one’s family and goods calls for careful evaluation and projections that never fails with the right bot behind.

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RPA in Insurance allows all and each to accomplish a plethora of operations easily without involving vast navigation across systems. It essentially automates transactional and administrative parts of activities such as accounting, settlements, risk capture, credit control, tax, and regulatory compliances.

Filling of complicated, long forms and claims is tedious and prone to mistakes

The robot can auto detect the fields on a page and map them automatically making the process of building the flow very easy saving time and reducing errors.

The cost of human resources is putting a presure on the competitiveness of the business

In today’s challanging economy, putting robots in the service of insurance company HR can make them better responde to constantly changing internal and external environment.

The quality and consistence of data

Eliminating manual processes from will enable insurance professionals to get actionable insights and accurate date for decisions.

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Rinkt Robots in your service will bring

Cut cost now and reduce errors

With Rinkt robots data can be easily consolidated from apps, core systems, agency front office, emails and more. Errors that can appear in submissions, CRM inout and other compilations are eliminated.

Produce quoates faster and more accurate

Robots can make insurance quotation system capable of calculating multiple quotes and cut waiting time and increase consumer choice.

Reduce claims processing time

Robots can enable a seamless claims process that will reduce both operational costs and claims processing times. It also dramatically improves customer experiences.

Step into the future of profitable efficiency.

Let our robots “shrink” any of your repetitive processes just to make it faster, less expensive and accurate.

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