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AI for documents looks to be already here with Rinkt DocBot. Rapid document extraction and pattern recognition, even with OCR capabilities for hand writing.
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Rinkt DocBot – next level in document management

Our solution cand make your document reading lot more easy to handle. Not to mention what that mean for your employee dealing with hundreds of documents, invoices or CVs.

Key data extraction

DocBot extracts whatever you want from documents or pictures, with minimum 5 samples for training.

Identify patterns

DocBot can be trained to automatically identify the corresponding model for a document type by first classifying the documents and then choosing the appropriate model.

Advanced OCR

DocBot uses the most accurate OCR capable of recognizing hand writing.

RinktBot Is Special,

Both For Us And For Your Business​

Reduce documents' analysis and processing

Documents come in various file types, varied formats, and contain valuable information.With Rinkt  DocBot it becomes easy extracting information from complex content in any document format such as insurance claims, mortgages, healthcare claims, contracts, and legal contracts. 

Increase efficiency

Rinkt DocBot enablaes document processing – reading and understanding – in just a few seconds, compared with humans.

Reduce operational errors

In most cases, manually processing the documents is time consuming, prone to error, and costly. With DocBot datga input operation error are almost 100% eliminated.

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